Technical meeting

Data management plan with PEER project: sharing knowledge, experience between tunisian partners. This event was organized by Research Group QehnA , PI: I.Slama-Belkhodja, at ENIT, on September, 13th, 2019. Participants included Tunisian PEER New and old PI / members.

Technical meeting

Project PEER description and cooperation points identification – main points of a MOU with National Company of Elecricity and Gaz ‘( main utility), STEG. Location : STEG. This event was organized by PI: I.Slama-Belkhodja, Ghaleb ENNINE, Directeur de la Recherche et Innovation STEG/Direction de la Maîtrise de la Technologie on September, 11th, 2019. Participants included;…
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Power Converter Control: From Theory to Practice

Summer School organized by Research Group QehnA , PI: I.Slama-Belkhodja, on June, 24-28, 2019, at ENIT. Participants included Phd, PostDOC, students engineering in training, assistant professors.

Electrical Energy Storage

Conference organized by Amine LAHYANI, Full professor form Research Group QehnA, on April, 17th, 2019 at ENIT. The participants were Phd, PostDOC, assistant and full professors.

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